Mark Donnigan Beamr HEVC Video Interview from IBC 2017

All small business owners know that to reach consumers today, they cannot afford to ignore video in their marketing efforts. Though many have experience with Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo or other video distribution platforms, how the video actually gets distributed is often not understood.

Beamr is one company who is at the center of developing the video technology which enables these platforms to function. Their role is to develop the encoder that converts the image from the camera into a format which can be streamed online and then shown in a browser, phone or TV.

Mark Donnigan, Beamr’s VP Marketing, talked with RapidTV News at IBC 2017, about the opportunity that the latest video standard HEVC gives video distributors to become even more competitive. As Apple is now shipping all their iPhone and Mac products with HEVC support, consumers now enjoy the full benefits of high resolution displays capable of showing trillions of colors and in high-dynamic range (HDR).

Watch the interview with Mark Donnigan:

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