Local SEO – DFY or DIY?

When it comes to local SEO a question I get a lot is, “should I DIY, or DFY by using a local SEO consultant?” For those not familiar with the term ‘DFY’ it stands for “done for you.” I’ve written a lot about what factors to consider when hiring an SEO consultant or agency, but one recent article is here if you need to get up to speed. Click: small business SEO companies to learn more.
If you have an online business or blog, your aim is to generate a lot of traffic to your website. To get a lot of people to visit your website, you need to be visible to your target audience. There are two main ways you can achieve a high rank on Google search. You can use paid ads which enable you to appear on top of the page or you can rank for major keywords using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and thus achieve organic traffic. AdWords campaigns can be very expensive and therefore are not suitable for many small businesses. SEO on the other hand is more affordable and quite sustainable for small-scale businesses. It’s also much more targeted. When it comes to SEO, a lot of people struggle in deciding whether to go for DIY SEO or to hire an SEO consultant. Below is a comparison of the two that will enable you to make the right decision.



The first advantage you get when you hire a local SEO consultant is the fact that they will take care of everything you need. This is advantageous because it enables you to pass the job to another person leaving you time to focus on improving and growing your business. You also get to do other personal things without worrying about the mechanics of SEO and your site ranking.

Hiring an SEO agency is also beneficial because search engine optimization is always changing. A Scottsdale SEO company will ensure you remain highly ranked, and you will also learn a lot about marketing strategies that are important to improving and growing your business. Premier SEO consultants are experts and will always be up to date with changes in their field.

The other advantage of hiring a SEO consultant is the fact that you get to see results within a shorter period of time due to the economies of scale and systems they have in place. This is something every business needs. You need to get high ranks as soon as possible because the longer you wait; the faster your competition will get ahead of you.

Last but not least, you are assured of quality services. This is because it is the SEO consultant’s forte to improve your rankings no matter how difficult or challenging the keywords you need to rank for may be. They know what they are doing and there will be no doubt that they can deliver results if they have enough training and experience.


One of the disadvantages of hiring a SEO consultant is the fact that the initial cost may be perceived as too high. There is also a disadvantage in the fact that there are a good number of unscrupulous consultants out there.



The main advantage of DIY SEO is the fact that you do not have to spend anything since you are doing the work. Do it yourself SEO is also a great opportunity for you to learn the ins and outs of how search engines work and what is required to rank. Some people are inherently “hands-on” which means if you are one, this may be a good option.

Last but not least, DIY SEO is quite fun. You can have a lot of fun trying new approaches.


The main disadvantage of DIY SEO is the fact that it can be quite time consuming. This might prevent you from having enough time to actually improve and grow your business which may cause your business to suffer.

The other disadvantage of DIY SEO is the fact that you cannot be sure whether you are making mistakes or not, especially if you have limited knowledge about the strategies needed to implement and improve your SEO.

There is also a disadvantage in the fact that SEO is constantly changing. This means you need to be up to date with the latest changes, maintain consistency and ensure you are constantly making changes to improve your SEO.


In conclusion, it will look less costly to go the DIY SEO route because you wouldn’t have to spend as much money out of pocket. However, such a decision might affect your business negatively in lost time and productivity. By not focusing on improving your products or services your business could decline. There is also no assurance that doing it yourself will work, which might result in you wasting a lot of time. Hiring a SEO consultant on the other hand is highly advantageous. If you are a business owner in Mesa Arizona by hiring a Mesa SEO company, you can be assured of high quality SEO. And since everything is done for you, your site will remain updated with and compatible with all the SEO changes and everything needed to maintain the highest rankings possible on the search engines.

For the DIY’ers, watch this video to learn 8 Insane SEO Tactics that could put you over the top.